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Lake Michigan

Charlevoix, Michigan

August 25-30, 2019

 Chicago, IL 
 Green Bay, WI 
 Mackinac Island, MI 


Charlevoix is a wonderfully picturesque town on the northeast shore of Lake Michigan. It straddles a small inlet from Lake Michigan leading to the City Marina which is well protected from the winds of the lake. Good thing. I had to wait out five days of high wind on the Lake. A small park with numerous comfortable benches wraps around the marina. Family and friends sponsor the benches in honor of loved ones, and I couldn’t help but smile at one group of them.

I couldn’t find much about Taylor Winn other that he died in 2013 at the age of 21. To lose someone at that age must be devastating. Taylor must have been special to inspire friends and family to want him to be remembered with a smile.


Charlevoix is home to Mount McSauba Recreation Area along the shore of Lake Michigan. Beautiful beach and dunes in the summer and a ski hill in the winter, which might bring a smile from my friends back in Breckenridge, CO.

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