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Erie Canal

Brewerton, New York

July 4, 2019

 Toronto, ONT 
 Cleveland, OH 
 Buffalo, NY 

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Ess-Kay Yards

a strong family...


My experience with my partners building  Blue River Sports and Mountain Wave Snowboards as owner operated small businesses in Breckenridge left a big soft spot for similar businesses. It helped that we were successful, at least successful enough for me to boat the Great Loop. Even after I sold out to them to work on my bucket list, we have remained close friends after 32 years in business. Most marriages don't last that long.

Ess-Kay Yards falls smack into the middle of that soft spot. When high water closed the Erie Canal, I spent almost two weeks there building this website. I thoroughly enjoyed their hospitality, flipped burgers at their 4th of July party and enjoyed the local fireworks with numerous other boaters. There's a story here about working through both the good and bad, but I don't think I could tell it any better than they do on poster boards in their well stocked marine store.


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