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Hudson River, Erie Canal & Lake Ontario

L.T. and I took the river less traveled, the East River around the east side of Manhattan to catch a Colorado Rockies baseball game in Queens. Tides sloshing back and forth between New York Harbor and Long Island Sound make for interesting current. We rejoined the Hudson via the Harlem River, L.T. comfortably getting under the numerous low bridges.

For a major river with a lot of traffic, the Hudson is beautiful, especially around West Point as it cuts through the eastern edge of the Catskills. We had to pay attention to tides that reach as far as Albany; nobody wants to fight both the outgoing tide and the Hudson’s natural flow.

Take a left past Albany onto the Erie Canal/Mohawk River. 19 locks up, 3 down until the turn off to Oswego. Hard working towns, a ton of history and a potpourri of delicious Italian restaurants, typically in the same family for generations. Someday L.T. and I hope to do the rest of the 192 miles to Buffalo, but for this Loop a right turn onto the Oswego River and 8 more locks down to Lake Ontario.

A side trip to the Thousand Island area of the St. Lawrence River, Canadian customs at Gananoque, Ontario and then through the Bay of Quinte to start of the Trent Severn Waterway.

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