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“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Sage advice from my Mom, though it didn’t seem to apply to her view of Elizabeth Taylor’s multiple affairs and husbands.

I debated a long time about putting a comment page on this site. I care a lot more about what my Grandchildren may think about it

than anyone else. As a business owner, I’ve also experienced how an anonymous forum can be used for, let’s say, less than a noble cause.

But the occasional pat on the back I’ve received from readers is a boon to the creative juices as well as the more tedious work of research, editing and torturing myself learning to use a website builder.

And I like to think that I’m open to constructive criticism, though I’d prefer a direct email to me from the Contact Page for that. I’m also curious what past, present or future Loopers think of the Life on the Loop section. Much of it is based on what I was looking for as I was preparing for the Loop but couldn’t find in any one coherent place. That’s not to say Life on the Loop is coherent, but I tried.

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